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Because no child should wait for a home.....

Placenet provides web systems specifically to increase the ability of social workers to find the right placement for children in the foster care system.

Our newest project, just completed, is an online Vacancy Matching System for Foster Care, including family homes, group homes and residential treatment placements. If you are a State or County person that wants to hear more please send an email.

Here are examples of sites we created and maintain:

Statewide Adoption Agency Matching System
including a public area where users search for children, and an agency-only secure area where workers can match both families and children.
Child Welfare Agency Sites
Full featured web sites for agencies, designed to educate, recruit families and staff, and receive donations.
Child Welfare Organization Sites
Sites that promote the goals of agency associations. and assist in finding employment in child welfare
Adoption E-Learning Center
Online multimedia courses, including tests, chat areas and live lecturers
Adoption Books and Resources
A fully functional online store (under development)

Also, Your own Visitor Tracker- Learn how your visitors reached your site, and what they do when they spend time there. See how changes you make increase your visitors and what they learn from you.

 Terrific Family Recruitment -
Position your site at the top of search results so that families find you first.
A Web Site for your agency -
including Thematic Design, Secure Discussion Groups, Chat Rooms, Forms Cabinet, Downloads and more.
Video of Children or Families - in popular formats, converted from your videotape or digitalvideo files, and installed on your site.

We provide you with:
LOW COST service that delivers the Internet's most advanced programs for confidentially matching children with available homes, and for recruiting foster and/or adoptive families.
SECURE SOLUTIONS for matching children's needs and resources in Child Welfare, including adoptive, concurrent planning, foster and residential homes.
SYSTEMS DESIGNED FOR YOUR NEEDS, to let you use the power of the Internet to find a placement for a child, or a child for an available family
CONFIDENTIALITY of client information and privacy of agency data, using secure servers and encrypted data transmission.

We provide services to:
STATES that want to expand or develop exchanges, linking the agencies in the state to share and match homes and other placements.
COUNTIES and STATES who need a low cost, internal system for searching their own resources for a placement for a child, or to access the resources of local private agencies.
AGENCIES that want to cooperate in sharing resources for children in need of homes, and placements that are available for them, and who want to experience an increase in the number and type of families applying for placement.
We're adoption and foster care professionals. For references, and to discuss how we might assist you, please mail us here or call us at:

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