Family Recruitment Tracker Help

  Use this window to read the Help info. Just move the frame boundary below  to see what each menu item does for you:
Click below to load the demonstration in a new window. Using the menu to the left of the Tracker you can retrieve a wide variety of useful information about the activity of visitors to your site.

  Menu Item Results  


Here's where your webmaster can get the Tracker code needed for each new page you want to add for free. You can also get all the Tracker data downloaded to you in an Excel file. If you want to ensure your computer is not counted as a visitor you can make that selection.  


Summary - gives you graphs of unique visitors (people who visited for the first time each day) and hits (the number of clicks they made on the site). To go to more detail about what they did:  
    By Page - shows you where these visitors went on the site. Be sure to select daily, weekly or monthly data as you wish.  
    Hourly History - shows you not only the hit count for the time period but also how many were first time visitors that day, that week, that month, or first time ever.  
    Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly History: Same as Hourly history but for longer time periods.  


Latest Page Views - gives you data on up to the last 100 pages viewed; where visitors came from, who referred them, what computer they used, and what route they traveled through your site. You can actually observe the real-time behavior of visitors who are on the site right now!  
    Latest Visitors - Similar to Page Views but includes search terms used to find you.  
    Domain Search - Find out which visitors reached you from any particular site, and what they did on your site.  
    Repeat Visitors - See how many visitors came back to your site, and how often.  
    Domains - Which are the domains sending you the most visitors, and which the least (e.g: if AOL is not near the top of the list you need to make sure you are listed high in its search engine).  
    Languages - If you have  foreign language page(s) on the site you can check here to see if visitors have that as the language selected in their browser.  
    Countries - If you are an international agency you can see where your visitors live.  
  NAVIGATION:  Navigation Paths - shows you the pages that were visited, how long they stayed there, and what pages were visited next . Be sure to select daily, weekly or monthly data as you wish. Great for seeing if your page is capturing attention or is just breezed through Also shows you the most popular routes people take through your site. If you'd prefer they take a different route this helps you decide where to make changes..  
     Entry Pages - Shows the pages first entered by visitors. Usually its your home page but if others are listed it means people have bookmarked them on their computers. Make sure those bookmarked pages are kept fresh and up-to-date.  
     Exit Pages - Shows pages last read before visitors left your site. The percentage of those leaving your home page will tell you how well that page is capturing attention and drawing visitors into the rest of your site.  
     Reloads - Shows pages where some visitors spent a lot of time, so long that their browser automatically reloaded the data after awhile.  
  REFERRERS:  Referring Sites - Links on other sites that sent the visitor to you. The more such links you have the higher you will rank on Google, AOL and MSN searches.  
     Referring Sites Detail - Provides links those other site pages that link to you.  
     Search Engines - Which engines were used to reach you.  
     Search Keywords - What were the visitors who found you looking for? (Click the Year option to see the best report).  
     Keywords by Engine - The best report of all, shows you which engines were most successful at bringing you visitors, and the search terms that they used (see the "Why the Tracker Makes Sense" article in the frame below). .  
     Major Domains and Countries - Two reports that show you, if the visitor came from another site, what type of site was it and in which country was it located.  
  CLIENTS:  A Series of Reports - These eight reports give you all the info you need about your visitors computers. This is important in your site design because you want to be sure that your site is not too advanced beyond your visitors ability to use it!  
  SUMMARIES:  Three Reports by time, day and month - These nice graphs tell you when your site is used and not used, so you can schedule maintenance, uploading and live chats and message board scheduling.  

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