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Why a Tracker Makes Sense for Placement Agencies

Agency web sites have proved to be second only to word-of-mouth as a primary recruitment tool to  welcome families to adoption, foster care and child care. Sites can offer targeted, child-specific and general recruitment, and can include a wealth of information about needs, agency culture and procedures, and the kind of family the agency hopes to attract. However, this is only true if people can find your site, and that means having good positioning on the major search engines.

There are good resources available to help improve your positioning, and Placenet offers our solution with an example on this site. The Tracker is the tool that will tell you, minute by minute if you like, how well you are doing with the visitors that come to you.

The Tracker tool does this by giving you detailed reports of how people found you, whether or not they came back and how often, where they went on your site, including where they entered and where they left, how much time they spent on what pages. All this information (detailed in the help frame above, and by clicking on links on the tool itself) helps you decide how to make changes to your site, and lets you watch changes in visitor behavior as a result of changes you have made. Knowing so much detail about the use of your site is of good advantage in making your case to your governing body for extra resources to expands your web presence.

Some of the surprising facts that agencies usually learn about their sites from the Tracker:
bullet Most visitors surf during working hours from their places of employment.
bullet Traffic drops off significantly at the weekend, and especially summer weekends.
bullet About 50% of visitors will not go beyond your home page (so you must have your best recruitment messages there).
bullet Only 10% of visitors use Netscape (so all the energy making your site Netscape friendly may not be worth your effort).
bullet You cannot ignore AOL. Depending on how you have positioned your site with them, 30 - 70% of your visitors will come to you from the AOL portal.
bullet Using the names of the communities you serve on your index page, in your links and in your keywords in the code of each page is useful to make your site locally relevant. There is little point getting 1,000 visitors each day unless at least some of them live in the area you can serve!

Ordering your Visitor Tracker is a decision you will not regret.
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