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You are one of the few adoption agencies that has created a web site to promote the need for permanent families for children, and to gain publicity for your agency.


The Internet is by far the most effective adoptive and foster family recruitment tool available.

BUT, you need more than just a great site. Everything you have on the web will not increase placements of waiting children unless you "target market" your web presence. (If you'd be good enough to read to the end of this page we'll take you to pages that show you how).
Try this quiz. See how many of the following questions you check "No".
Are you sure that your site is being visited by the families that you need to recruit? No Yes
Do you know how many unique visitors you have each month, and do you know where they came from before they reached you? No Yes
Do you know which search engine they used, and what words they entered trying to find you? No Yes
 Is your site properly configured to attract the kind of visitors you want (those you can most easily place with a child OR those who could donate cash, resources or time to your agency)? No Yes
Are you getting at least as many new family inquiries a month from your web site as you do from other methods? No Yes
Do you find that most of the new web inquiries that you get are from  your service area? No Yes
Do you want to increase the number of your local visitors and reach your recruitment goals? No Yes
If you checked four or more "No's" you definitely need our Search Recruitment Services. Even if you checked less you will still find these valuable.
We assist agencies who want to improve their marketing effort by improving their prominence on all of the major search engines. 

Here is the list of the eight Top Ways that web sites are visited:

Search Engines 46%
Random Surfing 20%
Word-of-Mouth 20%
Magazine/Newspaper  4.4%
By Accident 2.1%
Television  1.4%
Targeted Email 1.2%
Banner Ads 1.0%
By working closely with you on your needs and the type of families you wish to recruit we will develop recommendations to improve your showing in searches on most or all of the following engines:
  • AltaVista
  • AllTheWeb
  • 7 Search
  • AhHa
  • AOL Search
  • AskJeeves
  • Xuppa
  • FindWhat
  • Google
  • Canoodle
  • LookSmart
  • MSN
  • Netscape
  • Open Directory
  • Overture
  • Yahoo Web Pages
  • Yahoo Web Sites
Click here to see a few examples of the Analysis and Reports our system can generate for you.
YOU decide how you want families to find you. WE make the recommendations and, if you wish, install the features you will need to reach your goals. Or you can take our recommendations and have your webmaster make the changes.

Best of all, we also offer regular monitoring and maintenance of your web site prominence, providing you with monthly reports customized for your needs.

You can contract just for the initial assessment and recommendations, or have us offer ongoing support and adjustment for as long as you find it helpful.

Finally, we know adoption practice and policy, and the pressures that public and private agencies are under to increase adoptive placements. We can help you do just that!

Rates are based on a standard hourly fee. Given the value to each child of a successfully recruited adoptive family we are certain that you will find this to be your agency's best recruitment investment that you have ever made.

Click here to see a few examples of the Analysis and Reports our system can generate for you.

Initial consultation: analysis and recommendations $275
Initial consultation: analysis and recommendations, and implementation on two major search engines  $575
Monthly review: analysis and recommendations   $75 per month
Monthly review: analysis and recommendations, and implementation on two major search engines  $175 per month
TOTAL CARE: analyses and recommendations each month for one year $1,300 per year
TOTAL CARE: we do it ALL for you......  $2,500 per year
Mail us here to reserve your service and boost your recruitment!

Thanks for visiting us. 
We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you, and recruiting many more permanent families for children.
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