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Because no child should will wait for a home.....

We are:
A PARTNERSHIP providing Child Placement Agencies with tools that will speed the process of achieving permanent placements for their children in care.
PIONEERS  of the use of the Internet in adoption and foster care, including the leading sites of,,,, and the major State site at
THE WEBMASTER is Graham Wright, in close collaboration with Sandra Lenington of Community Internet services LLC.. Our resumes include experience as County Children's Services Manager, Adoption and Foster Family Agency founder and Director, owner of the former AdoptNet magazine, Child Abuse Prevention Council Treasurer, NASA web site designer, Legislative Advocate, and State President of the Association of Adoption Agencies. 
WE ARE committed to making your life easier by helping you find the family and child matches that you seek, and helping the community of Social Workers and foster and adoptive families find places on the Web that truly meet their information and support needs.

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